End User Experience Monitoring

Deliver consistent, high quality insights into your customers’ end user experience and help them to make improvements where it matters most.

To create competitive advantage, most of your customers’ IT teams will acknowledge that they need to provide a better and more measurable end user experience. Yet when it comes to monitoring user adoption, and application and endpoint device performance, many find that their tools or those of their service providers are only providing an approximate version of the truth – or none at all. This leaves visibility blind spots, which in turn slows the diagnosis and resolution of user-impacting issues, elevates costs, degrades user satisfaction, and lowers workforce productivity.

But what if you could easily take to market a new service to help differentiate your current offerings, one that increased your ability to acquire new logos, enabled a shift left of your Service Desk, as well as increased your own margins?

Geode’s pre-built, white label End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) service, designed for the channel, allows you to accelerate time to market, with no development costs, and standardized pricing. The service provides you with the precise insights you require to monitor and manage end user experience, without the need to establish the service yourself, or learn how to manage additional tools and reports. Instead, we work alongside you to operate the service, ensuring your customers get the data they need to make fast improvements, and you increase your value to them.


End User Experience Monitoring From Geode

Geode’s End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) service enables you to deliver visibility into performance for your customers’ key applications such as O365, as well as allowing your customers to quickly and proactively troubleshoot remote user issues, from a lack of memory to laptop crashes.

Pricing is available for 1000+ users (Enterprise), 250-999 users (Corporate), and 100-249 users (Team). The following table outlines the End User Experience Monitoring service features.

Service level summary:

  • Visibility of O365, Office apps, Adobe, Notes and UC apps (Zoom, Skype)
  • Device and system visibility
  • 2 training days
  • Customisation of up to 5 library dashboards
  • Visibility of 1 custom application with 4 activities
  • Monthly visibility insights meeting
  • 24×7 helpdesk
  • On demand and scheduled reports, summary incident report
  • Dashboards for OS health, KPI summary, Office 365 performance​​
  • Scores for user experience, ​device stability by type, application performance
  • IT Operations user/device search
  • Incident alerts by email​​
  • Monthly feature updates


Our Approach


  • Facilitate a strategy workshop with all main stakeholders.
  • Understand your services strategy and how EUEM helps you to differentiate and augment your offerings.


  • Confirm any custom applications.
  • Review & confirm dashboards.
  • Prepare a service handbook.


  • Service installation & configuration.
  • Initial installation and configuration of standard dashboards.
  • Develop application signatures and activities.


  • 24x7x365 proactive management, monitoring & alerting.
  • Monthly reporting & service improvement.
  • Assistance with KPI measurement & business case justification.


Service Value

Rapid deployment

Utilizing our years of experience, our white label, pre-built services reduce time to market and add expert-backed End User Experience Monitoring to your portfolio.

Full service management

We’ll project-manage everything for you and your customers and make sure software is fully updated, maintained and available 24×7.

Data correlation

We’ll help you to understand customer productivity & license utilization by correlating three vital streams of data: user productivity, application performance, and device health & performance.

Dashboards & reporting

You’ll receive monthly reports to share with your customers, proactive notifications & actions in real-time, along with access to a portal dashboard so you can drill directly down into live issues.


Service Outcomes

Help your customers to:

  • Validate performance after network changes, new application migrations, operating system
    upgrades, or a shift to remote working.
  • Identify slow servers, undersized workstations (CPU, RAM) and old software versions.
  • Track workforce productivity levels to meet digital transformation goals.
  • Find out if the expensive software licenses they pay for monthly are actually being used.
  • Pay as they grow, only using the service licenses they need, until they’re ready to scale.
  • Always benefit from the latest service software updates, features and functionality.
  • Leverage our expertise to fully understand End User Experience Monitoring data, to help
    quickly resolve issues and get to the root cause of performance challenges.
  • Improve their Service Desk SLAs and KPIs.
  • Say goodbye to large CAPEX spends typical with high quality monitoring solutions. Instead, they pay for End User Experience Monitoring features and management work as a predictable monthly recurring cost, saving them money, time and effort in the long term.
  • Free their time up for other, higher priority things as you take management and reporting
    off their hands.

Help your business to:

  • Shift left your Service Desk, enabling proactive monitoring for hardware, OS and applications.
  • Deliver visibility into the application performance of the services you deliver.
  • Improve SLA and KPI response times.


Next Steps

Our End User Experience Monitoring services are used by partners of all sizes to track IT service usage and user experience for their customers over time, and to continually improve performance while streamlining investments. For example, one end user organization dramatically reduced device refresh costs, while another slashed enterprise software license costs that eventually funded their End User Experience Monitoring service thanks to the insights they gained.

To get started with our End User Experience Monitoring service and make a difference to your customers, simply meet with us. Arrange a convenient date and time by emailing us at info@geodeservices.com.