About Us

Geode Services is an independent and innovative technology services company. Our expertise lies in ensuring the delivery of business critical applications and services. By identifying the root cause of underlying performance issues, we improve end user experience and increase business productivity.

Our ethos

Our team is made up of highly skilled technical consultants who must identify problems quickly, with complete confidence, and be able to apply effective solutions with minimum fuss. We understand the pressures businesses are under when faced with application performance issues and the urgency of finding a solution.

As applications infrastructure increasingly moves towards being mobile and cloud-based, user expectations are influenced by their own ‘at home’ experiences. We passionately believe businesses can see this as an opportunity and not a challenge.

What drives us


Our expertise across networks, applications and performance monitoring is matched by our understanding of the end user experience – the ‘people in the machine.’

We want our clients to have truly proactive IT and for users to have confidence in a flawless experience, agnostic of device, location or time of day.

We know the IT environments in which our clients and we operate can be complex.

We help make it simple.
We help make it work better.
We help keep the people in the business working.